Monday, March 8, 2010

Twenty Pounds at Last . . .

Words cannot begin to describe the sense of excitement and victory I am carrying with me throughout this busy Monday. Today, I came home from my Weight Watchers meeting and was able to tell my family that I had lost ten percent of my body weight: 20 pounds!
Even my son--who used to exclaim "Oh no!"--every time I came home with the dire news that I had "LOST" something--finally seemed to understand that I was sharing good news, and I received big hugs all around. The journey isn't over yet, only well begun. My WW leader encouraged me to set my next goal at simply another 10 percent, to keep the steps smaller and more manageable, and I think this is a good approach. However, I think I've decided to set my final lifetime goal at 131 pounds. That would be a loss of 65 pounds, and for once in our marriage, I might actually weigh less than my husband. Not that he's ever complained, wonderful man that he is . . .
Well, I spent the weekend in quiet anticipation of Monday's weigh in, and believe me, I did not have any shortage of projects to accomplish while I waited for Monday to arrive. My children were both feeling rather wimpy, so between taking care of them and doing my normal weekend chores, I had my hands quite full. What do the weekend chores entail? Well, it all depends on the weekend. On the second and fourth weekends of the month, I sanitize our plethora of toys; while on the first and third weekends of the month, I curse Eve.
Yes, I curse Eve--which is to say--I do laundry. Just think about it. If she had just gone and eaten an orange or a banana or a coconut or a mango and left forbidden whatever-it-was fruit alone, we all could have run around naked indefinitely. So I guess Eve is the patron saint of Kenmore and Maytag and the shopping mall, but I'm sure not gonna friend her on facebook unless she starts showing up to help me fold the bi-weekly mountain of laundry.
This weekend, taking care of the clean laundry was not the only clothing related chore I had to finish, though the afore-mentioned was practically a triathalon in and of itself. Event #1: The carry it all up from the basement event. Event #2: The chase the 19 month old pretending to help you fold socks event. And Event #3: The put it all away before your 3-year old decides to try it on event.
No, this week, due to all this losing I've been doing (don't you wish it was as easy to lose weight as it is to lose your socks in the dryer?), I had to rummage through my size 18, 16, 14 wardrobe, and pull out some of the items that now fit. Then I had to go through all my drawers and closet, and weed out the items that most definitely were now total sacks on me. It was an exciting but lengthy task. Off with the old, and on with the new. Well, technically, I guess the new was old too, but I digress . . .
My drive to Weight Watchers on Monday morning, caught me praying I actually had lost the final 2.8 pounds like I thought maybe I had, and wishing oh, so ferventy, that I could somehow wear less on the scale without embarassing myself. I was already wearing only the necessities, a light t-shirt, and a pair of knit shorts. When it was my turn to get on the scale, (after a final visit to the bathroom, of course!) I took off my socks and shoes and glasses, and oh glory! Twenty pounds lighter at last. 185.8 pounds. I haven't weighed that little since before my last pregnancy.
So, another milestone is set up along the road-side, and I'm happily journeying on. Week 13 will find me back at aerobics after a week of rest and re-evaluation, and now that my mid-section is a little less imposing, I've got an Ab-Workout DVD with five short weekday-workouts on it, that I'm determined to fit in Monday through Friday this week. Gotta tone up for that Maid-of-Honor Dress I'm gonna be wearing come August 7th!
Speaking of fitting that video in. All six of my little charges are sleeping (it's a Monday made of miracles apparently!), so I'm off to munch . . . um, I mean, cruch. Froidian slip.


  1. Way to go, Sarah! 20 pounds in 13 weeks ... that's amazing! Are you keeping a weekly picture diary too? If not, just a suggestion. That way you can read about AND see your journey toward weight loss.

    Ah, laundry. Two good things about having laundry in the basement. One, we can pretend (for a while) that the mountain of laundry does not exist, that is until it begins to take on a life of its own and crawl upstairs. Two, we can count lugging huge basket loads up the stairs as part of our weekly aerobic workout. :)

  2. Your writing makes me laugh! Rachel is right, you should take pictures so you can enjoy the changes in picture form:-)