Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shoo Fry, Don't Bother Me

Happy Saturday to all my fellow New Year's Resolution keepers out there.  My apologies for a few days of silence.  I actually intended to blog on Thursday, but I didn't do it for your own good.  You see, Thursday was "National Forget Your New Year's Resolutions Day."  Even though, I was determined not to throw my efforts to the wind, I was severely tempted by the mere mental suggestion that such a day existed.  Had I given in, I think my whole week would have capsized.

Knowing how conflicted I was that day, I didn't want to introduce this damaging suggestion to other struggling minds and stomachs out there.  But guess what, that was Thursday; the big day's over, ya' missed your chance, so read it, weep, and move on!

This week has been fraught with temptations, but I am encouraged to report victory.  I started on the old weight watchers program (the one I know well) on Monday.  I get 26 points and 35 flex points.  Thus far, I have minded my P(eas) and Q(uick oat)s, and I have 6 flex points left for the doughnut I intend to eat before Sunday School tomorrow.  I have resisted my kids' left over french fries, the huge tin of specialty cookies that came home from a well-intentioned church member, the half gallon of frozen chocolate goodness that came home with my husband from Walmart, and the ad on TV that has repeatedly announced copious amounts of shrimp and cheese biscuits for a very reasonable price.

My commitment for the week was to walk every week day.  I have walked four times, despite extremely rainy and cold conditions, and I'm going to try to fit one more jaunt about the block in today.  I have to find time to take my walk separately from the children's walk, as walking forward to chase the baby's tike bike, backwards to chase my son's remote control car, and sideways to chase my daughter who's chasing a (insert whatever animal we happen to encounter on given day), and the whole expedition provides less fat-burning benefit than this sentence implies.

In my last blog, I discussed "rest", which turned out to be a valuable self-talk session as I really was preaching to the choir.  Getting over my cold ended up requiring a couple of ten hour nights, and having written about the topic on Monday helped me to go easy on myself in that department.

Overall this week, I felt I gained momentum through a series of good choices.  My first real challenge was Tuesday night, when I knew we were going to have to pull through McDonald's and I knew I needed to deal with my chain french fry problem.  If ever something should be delegated to the controlled substance category, it is the french fry.  They are cholesterol and sodium enablers that taste just maaaaavalous.  They encourage chocolate consumption, because they taste oh so good dipped in a chocolate milkshake; and finally they are a carbohydrate which induce a false high and a hangover low.  Hmm.  French fries.  Sounds like a drug to me.

Tuesday night, when I got in the drive-thru line, I slapped on my fry patch, but the little band that's supposed to show up on my dashboard and play me a congratulatory song never showed up.  All on my own, I ordered the grilled chicken salad, which does not come with french fries.  Later, when my kids didn't finish their fries, I gave them a long, longing look; shoved them into the bottom of the bag with the trash, and pitched them.   I may need to find a 13 steps meeting to keep it up, but at least for Tuesday, I was victor of the day.

So next week, I need to keep up the walking, the point counting, and start thinking about what mental changes I need to make in my life, aside from giving place to regulated rest in my daily routines.  Stay tuned for the Monday weigh-in, a treatise on leftovers and third-world hunger, a break from the big piece, and the low-down on personal limitations.  I hope you did well this week, and if you didn't, don't give up.

And you.  You know who you are.  Put down the french fry.  PUT. IT. DOWN.

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