Friday, October 9, 2015

The Addiction of Opportunity

The thrill of the hunt!  For bargain hunters it comes in many forms--yard sales, thrift stores, sale ads, coupons, free ads on craigslist, dumpster dives....
         As such, I have a confession to make.  After I spent several hours un~cluttering part of my kitchen, and then delivering some of those items to interested neighbors, I found myself pulling up behind a neighbors open garage.  I had fallen victim to a 'FREE' notice.  Someone in the neighborhood was moving, and they had posted that there were items in there garage they no longer needed.  There was a photo.  I didn't see anything I needed, or was even particularly interested in, yet here I was, the opportunistic browser.
         "What am I DOING?" I thought to myself as I pulled up.  But I still pulled up.  I still got out and looked.  Fortunately, the pile had been mostly picked, and I did not go home with any new domestic albatross, but the situation did wake me up to a once healthy habit that had turned into an addiction.
        Going into a Goodwill when you need a specific item that you are hoping to find lightly used and discounted is one thing, but weekly treasure hunting adventures that fill ones floors, rooms, closets, and cupboards with forgotten hodge~podge is another thing entirely.  No longer are my habits accomplishing positive ends or manifesting good stewardship.  They have descended into the realm of materialistic gluttony.  Time for a diet!
        I hereby swear only to go to the Goodwill if I need something specific!  There will be no casual visits!  I will on clip coupons for items I regularly use, from stores I normally visit!  I will not stop to peruse peoples trash.  I will not even look at the Craigslist free ads without a specific goal in mind.  So help me God.

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  1. Amazing, Sara. You really need to make a book or be in a local newspaper. You would do so well! Tammy