Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh where, oh where has my little Blog gone . . .

So, as I've been a deliquent blogger, let's start off with something interesting. As of the Monday night meeting, I've officially lost 15.4 pounds! Only 4.6 pounds to go to my 10% goal of 20 pounds lost. Trouble is, that's about all there is to report.

Coffee. Oatmeal. Salad. Portions. Blog. It's all going pretty well, but you probably wonder where I've been. Well, to be honest, I'm starting to feel like I don't have a whole lot new to say. To begin with, all these changes were new and exciting. Now, though the results are exciting, the lifestyle changes are becoming . . . a lifestyle. I won't say I'm bored; just settling in.

Now the rest of my life has not been entirely unwritable; infact, my life has been such a tornado in the last two weeks, it ought to qualify as it's own aerobics program. After being in business for myself for almost six months, I finally have a full house as defined by the state of South Carolina. Every week day by 9:30am, there are six little people looking to me for everything from breakfast to boo-boos.

Statistically, I'm out of my mind. Between the hours of 8am and 5pm alone, I supervise 18 potty stops, change approximately 30 diapers, rock three infants through a total of 12 bottle feedings, pick up hundreds of toys, and sanitize the same surfaces more than 60 times. Add to the previous totals all the kisses, hugs, bandaids, stories, songs, hung artwork, horsey rides, snack handouts, zipped zippers, buttoned buttons, and tied shoe laces included in my daily paces--technically, I really should be in a coma. Perhaps this accounts for my current lack of evening creativity. Indeed, it has taken me almost two hours to write this much out of a pure sense of obligation.

After hours, my son offers sundry mental challenges with the to-be-expected quandries of an almost four year old. Monday night's series of brainbusters? "Mommy, what are (bum) cracks for? Why can't I see mine? Are cracks because of turd-les?" I really didn't even know what to say. I had to leave the room. It was just too much. This scenario is repeated almost daily. I honestly don't know where he gets this stuff. Maybe I should ask him. I might find some subject matter to save my blog.

Feel free to send me your ideas, and hang in there with me through this plateau in my creativity. Who EVER would have thought my BLOG would be stuck before the number on my scale. Ah well. Surprises like that are always pleasant. Thanks to my hubby, my grandma, my mom, and all you friends out there who make up my support group. I couldn't do it without you!

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  1. I seriously don't know how you handle that many kids at once. You are superwoman!! Congrats on the weight loss- that is a big number:-)I'm not trying to lose anymore, because I'm about to gain a lot... I'm pregnant. So I'll enjoy your loss and get back to work on mine in a few months!