Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wii Fit Concedes

After months of hostile communication between myself and my Wii Fit Plus, I am pleased to report that my honorable (albeit extremely cheeky) nemesis has conceded to my point of view. Well, perhaps not so much conceded as received updated data, but nevertheless, as of Tuesday night, this woman no longer has to hear "That's Obese!" at the end of every Body Test.

Now, I just get told "That's Overweight!" Not much of an improvement so far as name-calling goes, but with it's surplus syllable, perhaps a bit harder for my three year old to parrot in the moments following my Body Tests. On the quite bright side, I don't think I have to lose quite as much weight to get from Overweight to Normal weight, as I did to get from Obese to Overweight. We'll see.

Actually, the scales were kind all over town this week. At my Monday meeting, I weighed in at 175.6 pounds, which put me at 30.4 pounds lost total! THE BIG THIRTY! I remember when that number seemed so absolutely impossible, and now I've made it. Later that day, I had a very good time putting on the jeans that fit me at Christmas and modeling them for a picture that celebrated the huge empty space behind the zipper that was no longer full of me!

Then, as it is never safe to rest on one's laurels for too long, I was off into the new week, with a new set of short term goals and an eye on my overall plan. I spent Weeks 1 and 2 revisiting the importance of vitamins and good old fashioned water, and this week, as called for by the 17 week plan, I made plans to amp up my activity. As fortune would have it, it was a good week for my walking buddy and I to walk all five of our planned upon evenings. We are now up to a mile and a half per walk. In addition, I cleared my schedule and planned on all three sessions of aerobics.

Oh. And did I mention that I spring cleaned like a maniac this weekend? I tremble to think of the calories I must have burned and the activity points I earned, but happy day, I managed to get through my busy weekend at 23 points a day and only 22 flex points!

Next week promises to remedy the scarcity of my blog postings--a new month and some new meditations on the journey. In the meantime, here's to the new week, new progress, and mouthy little mat-like devices that have been put in their places at long last!

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