Monday, May 3, 2010

Skinny Epiphanies

A few days ago, Super-Mom was in a hurry to change out of her spit-up spattered daytime clothes and into some clean evening-wear. While in her phone booth, she looked down to find that in her rush, she had grabbed a pare of pants from her drawer that simply would not do. These jeans had been shoved into the dresser, simply because there was not another good place to put them; however, as they were a size too small for Super-Mom, they really weren't a viable option for wearing. By the time, Super-Mom realized her mistake, the rogue jeans were on and BUTTONED!

Lately, my life seems just full of these skinny epiphanies—-slow moments when it dawns on me that I am really THIRTY POUNDS lighter and still shrinking. Everyone of these epiphanies is a great big shot in the arm on the days that feel mundane, without progress, or just plain FAT. You know? I mean those occasional days you have, when despite any successes, you feel like you've been possessed by a double-wide trailer? Yeah. Well that was me this weekend, but the feeling didn't last long when I started listing off all my recent skinny epiphanies. Here are just a few of my happy thoughts.

1) I can now sleep on my stomach without feeling like I'm dozing on boulders.

2) I can now run without getting knocked out with my own chest.

3) I can now slide between my grocery cart and the candy rack in the check-out line at the store, without knocking all the Snickers onto the floor with my Reese's Peanut Butter butt.

4) If I feel any pain while sitting Indian style on the floor and stretching, it's not from being out of shape, it's from having ribs that can actually now make contact with my pelvic bones.

5) I can give my children horsey rides and not find out after the fact that they thought they were riding an elephant.

6) My Wii Fit Plus says "Great!" instead of "Ooooh!" when I step onto it every week.

7) Fruits and vegetables are starting to look like candy and chips to me, and the fact beyond this delusion is, the former do not give me indegestion.

8) One of the little girls that I take care of calls me "Barbie."

Well, my lifetime goal at Weight Watchers certainly isn't "lighter than air" or even "Barbie doll", but with happy thoughts like these, all Super-Mom and her skinny jeans are going to need to fly soon is a little pixie dust.

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  1. I loved all of your epiphanies! Those are so very exciting :-)