Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Shoes, New News

"SHOOOOOOEEEEEE! SHOOOEE ON PEEEESE!" I hear this several times a day from my daughter, Maggie, who is more enamored of shoes than I thought any two-year-old could be. She loves her shoes, and your shoes, and anybody's shoes she decides look interesting enough to wear. She will take them on and off to infinity and get tremendously upset if she is unsuccessful in her attempts. For that reason, I spent the month of July hunting through thrift stores for glitzy little girls shoes. I picked them up for a dollar here and there, and then packaged them individually for Maggie's birthday.

Unfortunately, the shoes I found myself needing last week were not the kind I could pick up at the thrift store. I've been staying right on track with the training schedule, and had made plans to do the group run last Saturday, but by Wednesday night, I knew I was going to have to make some adjustments. I was having a lot of pain under my right outside arch, especially when the support of my tennis shoe was removed, and I suspected that my now nearly two-year-old Nikes were in need of replacement. The only way I made it through my 6 mile, one hour run on Thursday, was by wrapping the foot in an ace bandage to give it some support. The next morning, I saw some light bruising, so I decided resting the foot until I could replace my shoes would be prudent.

Fortunately, our TNT group had plans to meet at the Fleet Feet store this Tuesday, so I did some shopping around, and then, having informed myself of my options, I went to the meeting. The group enjoyed some good information on shoes, nutrition, and running gear and clothing; and afterwards, as I observed their prices to be fairly reasonable (and they handed out coupons!) I explained the troubles I'd been having, and asked for some help. About 20 minutes later, I left happy with comfy new running shoes and a great pair of in-soles. Did you know a good pair of in-soles should last as long as three pairs of running shoes? I sure didn't!

So yesterday, it was back to the track to pick up where I'd left off. I ran 5 miles yesterday and 4 today. Tomorrow, I need to run 6 miles, and this weekend I'll be taking on my first 7 mile run. I feel like I can do it, and I get oddly excited everytime I face a new challenge. I think I'm actually more nervous about my first fundraiser on Saturday.

Though I may have taken a four day sabatical from running, I was not idle on the fund-raising front. After my meeting with Kimberly last week, I kicked my efforts into high gear and started making phone calls. As of today, I have four events definitely planned, and I am excited about each one! Here they are, in chronological order.

This Saturday, October 9th, I'm doing a bakesale and yardsale behind the Great Clips in Cherrydale. Many thank to the manager there, Janet Cash, for being so willing to share her back lawn with me, as well as hair cut coupons for a dollar off a hair cut and a dollar to the LLS. I'll be setting up a yardsale, and selling coffee, cocoa, peanut butter blossoms, caramel apples, and popcorn balls. Yum! The trick will be, not to eat the goods!

Two weeks from Saturday, I will be giving a benefit piano recital at Pecknel Music here in Greenville. I'm not a concert pianist or anything, but I do think anyone who comes will have an enjoyable 45 minutes or so of pleasant listening. I've been playing most of my life, and it will be fun to share some of my favorites for a good cause. The recital will be on the 23rd at 3:30.

On Friday, October 29th, there will be a silent auction in the Denny's family room. There should be some great items for early Christmas shoppers--including giftcards to local stores and restaurants, $300 off coupons to Hyman Photography Studios (look for their display in the mall; they do INCREDIBLE WORK!), and a couple antiques as well. The auction will begin at 6 and close for bidding at 7:30. What an opportunity!

Finally, for the BBQ lovers, there will be fundraising evening at Mutt's BBQ in Greer on December 9th (Thursday) from 5-8. Come and dine! All tips and a percentage of the evening's take will benefit Caden and the LLS.

And that's just the beginning. I'm excited about doing some gift wrapping at Macy's during the holidays, and participating in other TNT volunteer events. I've never done anything like this before, but I'm finding it extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. It's fun to do something that is not about you. It's great to draw your children's attention to how lucky they are to be healthy, when so many are NOT.

I did find out that Caden's necklace has more than 40 beads on it, and those 40 beads represent more than 100 treatments and procedures. She didn't start the necklace until after she had been sick more than a year. I am touched by this child's bravery. I am rebuked by her smile. If I had been through so much, would I still SMILE!? For that reason, I think of Caden at the end of every training mile; I push hard until everything hurts, and then I smile.

I sincerely hope, though I know Christmas is coming, and I definitely know what it is to be economically pressed--that people will be touched to give well, perhaps until it hurts, and smile. Say a prayer for Caden please, everytime you lace on your shoes.

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