Friday, October 22, 2010

The Plateau is Official

This Monday, my first real weight-loss plateau in 45 weeks of Weight Watchers became official. Did you know that a plateau actually had a definition? I didn't until a meeting a few months ago in which the leader actually gave the formula for a plateau. You take four weeks worth of weight-loss (or gain), add them together, and then divide by four. If the result of that equation comes out to be less the 0.5 pounds a week, you are in a plateau.

This definition was very helpful to me, as when you're on a weight-loss journey, it's easy to have the paranoid delusion that you're in a plateau every time your weight-loss slows down. Now, am I bemoaning my state? Surprisingly, no. I'm relatively unconcerned for the following reasons.

1)It's my first plateau in nearly a year of commitment. I think that's pretty good, and I know I'll eventually get past it.

2)I'm training for a marathon! I don't think its coincidence that I've been training for four weeks and that the plateau has occurred over the last four weeks. In order to give my body what it needs to accomplish all this running around in circles, I've increased my lean protein to nearly half my daily points. There's going to be a serious exchange of fat for muscle going on.

3)I am five pounds away from being a healthy weight! Even if I only lose 5 pounds between now and the marathon, I will enter 2011 with a healthy BMI!

4)I have breached the single digits. Now, I know I have expressed great disgust for enemy-of-the-state Nutri-system woman (you know “LOOK AT ME! I'M A SIZE 2!!! bimbo); however, much to my surprise, I have slipped quietly over the size 10 line, and though I seem to be in a holding pattern as mostly a size 10 individual, I bought a winter coat last month that was a size 6! I was elated! Also, a friend gave me some clothing this week, and among the goodies were three dress suits—a 12, a 10, and an 8. I buttoned and zipped all three. Granted, I probably would have ruptured a kidney if I'd tried to sit down while wearing the size 8, but I zipped it never-the-less!

5)Victories aren't always about the scale, or even a dress size. Victories can be about keeping your commitments to healthy eating; they can be about sticking to the exercise you've decided to do; they can be about running 25 to 30 miles a week right through the holidays to pay it forward.

That's what I consider this marathon—paying it forward. I have been tremendously blessed this year. I have had victory over a monster that has haunted me since pre-adolescence. Caden hasn't even had a chance to get there yet. I am running every step of every mile, hoping that if enough of us run enough steps and enough miles, people will be moved to dig deep and give to a cause that could guarantee Caden a future that includes teens, and twenties, college, family, and a legacy that includes a senior citizens discount! My little weight-loss plateau doesn't matter a bit, but a plateau in funds for leukemia research could mean EVERYTHING for this little girl. Bring on the hills! I'm running onward and UPWARD!

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  1. I love your outlook Sarah!! You are doing awesome :-)