Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forgetting Where I Parked

Last week on Wednesday, I made a fatal error.  My daughter had a doctor's appointment, and we were running late.  Even though I started pressing for the door more than an hour before our appointment time, we had to run a gambit of fashion choices.  Should she wear the pink or the red or the silver sparkly shoes?  God forbid I should suggest she wear a pair that did not sparkle at all!  And then there were the bow choices--the purple or the green or the yellow?  But where was her RED bow?  That was the one she REALLY wanted, and it was nowhere to be found.

"And where is it we're going, mommy?" she wanted to know.  I told her we were going to see the doctor.  Now she was worried about "pokes," and though I insisted to her, that this was not THAT KIND of appointment, she now needed moral support, so we had to bring her dolly and the dolly's stroller.  Then her shoes went on with no socks,  then her shoes went on the wrong feet, then her coat went on upside down, then we had to go potty AGAIN, and then we were finally on our way.

When we arrived, we had only 15 minutes until our appointment, and they like you to be there 20 minutes early. SO, when I pulled into the first available space in the parking garage, I failed to make a mental note of WHERE that convenient space was.  I, my bags, my Margaret, Margaret's dolly, and dolly's stroller, just high tailed it into the doctor's office as fast as our legs and wheels could go.

When we emerged three hours later from Maggie's ADHD evaluation and corresponding trip to the pharmacy for the medication that keeps her semi-focused and me semi-sane--can you see this coming?--I couldn't remember where I'd parked.  Up and down the elevator we went, up and down the parking ramps we walked, looking ridiculous while looking for our van. 

A nice looking man in a large pickup pulled by.  "Ma'am," he said, "Do you need some help?" 

I was so embarrassed.  "I lost my car," I admitted.

"Do you want a ride?"  he offered.

My feet hurt, but good upbringing took over.  I could hear the mingled voices of my own grandmother and several others shouting, "Don't do it!  He's probably a mass murderer or a pervert!"  I thanked the man, but declined putting myself, my daughter, and my daughter's dolly into a strange man's vehicle.

My emotion's must have registered on my face, because the man asked what my vehicle looked like and offered to drive around looking for it.  I told him that much and kept retracing my steps.  FINALLY, I spotted my van on the other side of ramp rail and down a half level.  I was so tired I opted to lift Margaret, and Margaret's dolly, and Margaret's dolly's stroller over the rail.  Then I proceeded to climb over the rail myself.  It was higher than I thought.  About the time I managed to hoist myself halfway, and had my leg stuck in an extremely awkward position, the man in the truck also found my van.  So there I was, hung up in the rail, clinging to my purse.

"Is that it?" said the guy.

"Yeah, thanks," I answered, hanging there.

He drove off, his emotions now registered on his face.  I believe he was thinking something to the effect of--"that woman was crazy! I'm really glad I didn't give her a ride!"

Anyway.  I do have a point.  For the last six weeks, I have been trying to accomplish a goal without setting any specific goals.  I think that's because I just needed to get into the MINDSET of what needed to be done (i.e. I am having commitment issues).  Well, I'm in the mindset now, but I'm just wandering around in the parking lot.  I'm never going to get on the scale, though, and find that I'm consistently LOSING, if I don't set some goals and tenaciously keep after them!

Last week, I indicated that I wanted to set some specific and reasonable eating goals, make myself accountable, and talk to my doc.  I have done all three of these things, and I want to share them with you now.

First of all, as you might have guessed from reading this blog entry, my life is clotted with some interesting challenges and distractions right now.  Keeping up with points last month proved difficult and making a meeting is going to be impossible.  Besides, WW is only going to work for me (like it did last time) if I commit to portion control, so I need to get back to that basic.  Hence, here are my eating  and life style commitments.
1.I will eat when I'm hungry, but only ever a portion of anything at a time.
2.I will eat an extra portion of protein each day, but two of my portions will be nuts or beans.
3. I will try to make my grains as close to nature as possible (whole wheat, oats, whole grains)
4. I will not eat more than one small piece of candy per day, no more than 3 dessert a week.
5. I will take a calcium supplement and increase omega-3s to decrease high fat cravings and meet my need for calcium while cutting back on higher fat dairy products.
6. When eating out, I will make the healthiest choice available.  No hamburgs or fries.
7. I will eat at least 6 portions of fruits and veggies each day.
8. I will get at least 6 (2 cup) glasses of water daily and take my vitamin.
9. I will exercise 30 minutes 5 times a week.
10. I will go to bed by 11:00 pm.

I started these last Thursday, and I lost 2.5 pounds.  They have helped me to navigate life wisely, but without taxing my already taxed brain overmuch.  I am committing myself to these through the spring months.

Secondly, I have arranged a Thursday morning accountability meeting with a friend of mine who has already succeeded in losing 19 pounds since the new year (go Connie!).  She is also seeking accountability.  We hope to invite others to join us, but for now, we're going to encourage one another to do right.  I will take my commitments with me to our first meeting tomorrow.

Finally, I went to the doctor yesterday and discussed my medications with her.  I learned that my current low dose should not interfere with weight loss, if I am eating right and exercising regularly.  Therefore, I am setting a weight loss goal of four pounds a month for the rest of the year. 

So here I am.  I have parked in the weight loss parking lot.  I have clearly made a mental reference of my space.  If I get lost along the way, I'll know right where to look to get on track again.  What goals are you making?  I would love to know where you've parked, and what you are doing that's working for you!

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