Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coconut Curses

I have to tell you, this particular blog entry has passed beyond the realm of “conundrum” and into the realm of “cursed.” This entry is actually my third attempt at this topic. My first attempt seemed to suit it's chosen title: “Coconut Conundrums.” Those of you who check-in with my blog regularly may have noticed just a lonely title posted on Thursday night. On that particular evening, I had reached the zenith of my endurance for mishaps, and simply gave up.

Well, now it is Saturday afternoon. The work week is ended, a good night's sleep has been accomplished, and a brief encounter with my inner child has left me refreshed. This morning, I had breakfast and a slow cup of coffee, after which, my little farmers and I ventured out to transplant the crowded tomato and bean plants that we had started from seeds weeks ago. After a couple hours of fun and complete filthiness, I deposited the children in a bubble bath, put on my bathing suit, and joined them in the tub. They thought this was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their short lives.

So, it is safe to say, that these light moments combined with the grand discovery that my husband had cleaned the house while I was out playing in the garden, left me ready and willing to attempt my blog once again. That was almost an hour ago, and as I type, I am experiencing some dejavous, as near the end of my second attempt, I managed to highlight the whole blog with my touchpad, and delete everything I had written. So, as triteness dictates, “third time IS the charm;” so here we go again--
back to Thursday night's cursed conundrums.

Or perhaps we must slide all the way back to Monday. My WW meeting found me 2.2 pounds lighter—a happy surprise since the Wii Fit had been playing ping-pong with my weight all week. I was excited about the week's challenge of trying some new foods, as I was getting a bit bored with my routine. About a month ago, I had shaken things up with roasted mini-bell peppers and asparagus (which I really thought I HATED and was pleasantly surprised), but I was ready for a new taste, so I planned a quick crusade into the produce department Tuesday afternoon before my honey needed the van to get to school.

The crusade was ill-fated from start to finish, (and here I leave those details purposely deleted for sheer pain of memory), and I had not the time or energy to return to my plunder until Thursday night, when in the post-bedtime silence of twilight, I found myself drawn to the open refrigerator where lay my untouched treasure—my coconut.

And here, I choose to divide my installment, hoping to avoid any further calamity that may befall this half of my blog posting. Please join me next time for "Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut."

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