Monday, May 24, 2010

Shrinking Globe Awards

Well, upon referencing a previous blog, I guess I'm supposed to be practicing positivity through laughter INSTEAD of positivity through gratitude this week. My bad. However, since I really feel like thanking a few people right now, and since I'm the boss of this blog, I'm going to switch Week 7 with Week 13 and move right on to the Shrinking Globe Awards. As you may have guessed, yours truly is the incredible Shrinking Globe! In fact, if I'm not careful, pretty soon I'm going look more like an Emmy than a Globe.

This morning at Weight Watchers, I experienced a double victory. Though I only lost 1.4 pounds for the week, this loss encompassed two goals. The first goal was my next five pound mile-marker, which pushed the lose-o-meter right on past 35 pounds. The second goal involved the first two digits on the scale. I've officially exited the 170's and have arrived in the 160's. That means I have to drop a point this week, but it's all good; I've been planning to give up coffee creamer for several weeks now, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Could I, or have I done this on my own?! Absolutely not. I have so many people to thank for love, support, and lettuce, I don't quite know where to begin.

I think first of all I have to thank husband, who has lived most closely with me throughout my more recent years of frustration and failure, before I finally found the pathway to a little success. I would like to thank him for loving me and affirming me no matter what size I have been, for never making size-related jests, and for not having me committed on quite a few occasions when I acted rather manic after stepping on the scale. I would like to thank him for having the courage to actually hide the scale from me early in our marriage. More recently, I would like to thank him for sitting with six children every Monday so that I can go to my Weight Watchers meeting. If that's not support, I don't know what is.

Next, I would like to thank my children, who's little smiles have provided me with great motivation, and who together, weighing almost fifty pounds, have provided me a great source of strength training. Without them, I surely would have suffered about a twenty pound setback.

To my mother, I owe an early debt of gratitude. I thank her for her unconditional love, and for taking on the difficult role of the being the one who had to be lovingly honest with me on more than one occasion. I thank her for being candid with me about nutrition and spaghetti portions, and I thank her for not letting me freak out and quit Weight Watchers five weeks into the program when I gained 0.2 pounds during my lady friend's visit. I thank her for her hugs, compliments, and her great yard-sale finds that have kept me out of burlap-sack-dom while I hold out until my birthday for a new wardrobe shopping spree!

There are not enough thank-yous in the world for my Grandma, who's hugs and visits have been a bottomless source of inspiration. I thank her for teaching me how to make good soup--low on points and high on filling flavor. I thank her for keeping the family cookie jar full for the last six months, and thus, excusing me from facing one of my personally most-feared temptations--fresh baked cookies--fresh out of my over, that is. In addition, I thank her for all the times she has come for lunch bearing lots of lettuce and either lean turkey or salmon fillets. These quiet gestures of support have been priceless!

To those who have supported me in the exercise department, I also extend a word of thanks. Thanks to Cindy, for not letting me give up back in January, and a volume of thanks to Bethany who has given of her time to watch my children during aerobics since February. Truthfully, Bethany's help has probably meant the survival of my sweaty endeavors! I thank Lorraine and Tammy too, for all their kind help with the children. The kids love ya'll, and so do I!

I'd be remiss not to thank Linda Haught for her great aerobics classes and for offering those classes to the Colonial Hills ladies for free. What a blessing back in January when I was a bit financially crunched. Thank you also, for the interest that you so obviously take in each one of your attendees!

Thank you, Miss Edith--faithful leader of the Monday morning Weight Watchers gathering--for you weekly prepared comments, for ten years of consistency so that we can know its possible for us too, for your enthusiasm at our successes, and your encouragements at our setbacks. Thank you for your honesty and candor always. You are a great inspiration!

My walking buddy Darcey is just another person I can't imagine not having in my life. Thank you Darcey for the consistent walks, the great conversations, the mutual rejoicing over good news at meetings, and for friendship--which feeds the soul while being POINT FREE!

And on and on I could go. So. If you've read my blog, thank you. If you've encouraged me with a word or a phone call, thank you. If you've noticed I've shrunk, thank you. If you absolutely didn't talk to me during a chance meeting because you didn't recognize me, thank you. I appreciate you, every one!

Lastly, I need to acknowledge and thank God for His Help on this journey. I could not have been successful without His blessing, His Presence, and His Power. Thank you Lord for always giving me Your Strength in my weakness, for never sending me a temptation without a way to escape, and for never leaving me alone.

Well, this concludes this years Shrinking Globe Awards. I'll see you all next year at the Emmy's, because if I have my way, the Globe will be entirely obliterated by Christmas!

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  1. I loved this! You are doing so great friend:) When is your birthday? It will be so much fun for you to shop for new cute clothes!!