Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogger's Block

I think I'm suffering from blog block, so bear with me everyone, while I TRY to post something this evening before falling into bed. I don't promise to be profound, original, or grammatically correct. It's only fair I warn you up front.

Let me start with a confession that will make you all feel my humanness. I totally had a ten point piece of ice cream cake tonight! I haven't had ice cream in six weeks, and absence does make the heart grow fonder (and the hips grow smaller . . .). What sweetened the deal further was that FATE brought the cake to me. Oh. Stop rolling your eyes. IT DID! I was sitting there minding my own business. I didn't get up and go to the dessert line. I turned around, and there it was--Hello Gorgeous! Four layers of cake and ice cream heaven with a little HALLELUJAH on top. Two hands extended the cake to me on a styrofoam plate, and at this time, I would like to thank the hands; and then apologize for not remembering to whom the hands belonged. All I saw was the cake.

Whew! Afterwards, I had a little sugar headache, but it was so worth it. Besides, what's a girl to do? It would have been rude to run shrieking from the cake--especially since the artist that crafted that scandal of a Carbohydrate Wonder was sitting right next to me. I had her feelings to think of . . .

Fortunately, I have used my tracker religiously this week, so all was not lost. In fact, I've really done great this week, in spite of doctor's orders to rest, elevate, and icepack (BTW, bought more frozen veggies; mercifully, they are mute). To compensate for my evenings on the couch, I have been eating JUST my 28 points. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were flawless; and today, after my pork BBQ sandwich, my coleslaw, and my southern-style sweet potato casserole, I came out right at 28. That piece of cake marked my first use of flex points all week long. I'm feeling good about that.

And while we're throwing around pixie dust and happy thoughts, last night I got on the Wii Balance Board and did a body check. Though its manners haven't improved in the least (I was still lightly informed that I was heavy), my BMI had dropped into the low 33s, and I weighed in at 195 and change. I've got to believe that means good things for Mondays meeting, and it definitely serves as motivation to keep on keeping on through the weekend.

So now that I have bull-dozed through tonight's blogger's block, I will succumb to sleep, and only hope tomorrow finds me less tempted by delightful desserts and far, far more poetic.

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