Friday, January 1, 2010

Point VonPoint

As as child, one of my favorite Sesame Street characters was Count VonCount, and I have to say, in this first week of assigning points to every little morsel that goes in my mouth, I'm feeling a strangely converging point of view with him. "Banana, two points, ha, ha, ha! Whole wheat bagel, four points, ha, ha, ha! Carrots! NO POINTS! HA! HA! HA!" You see what I mean?

Seriously though, as programs go, this one is EASY to follow. As busy as my days are, "easy" was a major qualifications, and this program is quick, flexible, and sensible. Another point (pun intended) I am liking, is the fact that you get paid points for exercise. I get 1 to 3 points for my morning walks depending on how long they are, and for more strenuous, gut wrenching, sweat-like-a-pig kind of affairs, as many as 10 points! Now for that kind of compensation, I'll turn the Wii on after 8:00 and "just dance!" my little heart out. Nine points, ha! ha! ha!

So with the introduction, I'll move quickly onto the day's confessions. Yesterday, though you did not hear from me, I was on track, finishing the day with 28 points. Today, I committed my first major trespass of the week, and the trespass occurred in the form of a divine slice of triple-layer chocolate cream pie. Andrea outdid herself. Unfortunately, 353 calories and 16 grams of fat translate into a 10 point penalty. 10 points! Ha! Ha! Oooh . . . .

However, the pie balanced out with a copious veggie plate (thank you Tammy and Lorraine), a 1 mile walk at a good clip, and an hour getting my groove on with "Just Dance!" 10 points back! Ha! Ha! Ha! So Madame Point VonPoint got through the day point for point, and still has 3 more left to eat before bed tonight.

And you know what else? I'm already feeling geared up for my Monday meeting. I'm looking forward to next week's new commitment, and little miracle that it is, I am seeing myself reach that 10 pound goal, and that 12 week mile marker of sticking with it--but more than that--a life effected by good choices. I want to see myself at 70 looking just as good, and being just as active, as my own grandmother is--enjoying her family; getting down on the floor to play with her great-grandkids.

So quick, somebody tell my balance board, I think I've gone and started visualizing the ideal me. What surprises me, is that it really doesn't seem associated with a number on a scale, or a number in the tag in the back of a dress. Health and vitality and availability to the ones I love, suddenly seem to trump a waist and hip measurement. Certainly, the two are directly associated, but the motivational elements change the equation drastically. They change the addends that equal success.

If success isn't dictated by a scale, but by a week of consistently good and healthful choices, success suddenly becomes readily and daily attainable. So, if after a week of following the WW plan, staying active, and keeping the personal commitments I've made for myself; I get on the scale and find that I've gained three pounds (as is typical of me), I've succeeded.

Number--shnumber! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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