Saturday, January 30, 2010

Off to See the Wizard

Forgive me readers, for I have been a slacker. It has been six days since my last blog session. Yes really. I was a slacker. No other excuse offered, other than I just did not feel like laying fingertips to keyboard; however, I was very busy trying to get all that SLEEP I had committed to this week. Sleeping seven and a half hours a day is actually harder than you'd think. Do you realize that adds up to fifty-two and a half hours a week?! That means you spend two days out of seven with your eyes closed--eight days out of every 28 visiting the Sandman!

I have to say, those numbers just make me want to sleep less. After all, life is short, and I have a lot to get done! I'm already two weeks behind on my spring cleaning thanks to my sore ankle, so this week, I've got a boat load of projects to catch up on, not to mention, I'm supposed to start SLOWLY back to aerobics. Anyway, the conclusion on the sleep issue, is that I will record sleep accomplished in my tracker along with points, and shoot for 50 hours a week, but that's about the best I can do.

Well, the highlight of my week was finishing the final chapters of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" with my three year old. I don't know if you've ever actually read L. Frank Baum's original work, but it is a delight, with a lot of variations from the Hollywood version. What I have really always loved about that story though--Hollywood or Baum--is that everyone in the story already HAD what they were looking for.

For instance, the Scarecrow wants brains, but he's really the thoughtful one in the group anyway. The Tin Woodsman (who little Wade insists is a robot) wants the Wizard of Oz to give him a heart, though he's already so caring, he cries and rusts if he accidentally steps on a bug. Then there's the lion, who's supposedly a coward who dreams of being king of the forest, but in the book especially, he acts courageously throughout the entire adventure. And Dorothy, Dorothy just wants to go home, which is where she was to begin with.

The story must have dug its way into my subconscious, because Friday night I went to bed early because it was just SOOOO freezing cold (and also because I wanted to eat the entire contents of my refrigerator, and I was practicing escapism through slumber) . . . anyway, on Friday night, I had some dream. In my dream, a freak southern blizzard swept me off my Wii Balance Board and into a magical land full of exercise equipment. Unfortunately, my hefty self landed in the middle of a treadmill field right on top of the Wicked Nutrisystem Witch, who was busy harvesting chubby Munchkin sweat.

Let's just say, that particular Witch won't be doing any more info-mercials. Having harvested Nutri-Witch's ruby sneakers, I asked the munchkins how I could go about getting skinny again.

O.k. and this is where I commence slacking. Another words, to be continued. My sugar free hot cocoa is ready, and I have a scrap book page to finish. So. See you again tomorrow night for another journey into the strange, strange world that is my subconscious mind.

Your homework, and super bonus question for the night: Why did Dorothy ACTUALLY throw the water on the Wicked Witch of the West? Was it:
a) she thought the witch hadn't bathed in a while
b) the scarecrow was on fire
c) she was ticked off that the witch was trying to rip off her favorite shoes
d) she wanted to find out if "green" was really an ethnicity in Oz

I think you'll be surprised!

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